LEELA BLOSSOM, time is passion

A fiery, burning, ruby red… By cloaking this new version of LEELA BLOSSOM in the colour of love, CENTURY celebrates the passionate woman who understands the promises captured in every second of her life.A sensual woman who has also inspired the floral theme of this timepiece, part of the prestige TEMPTATION collection from CENTURY.

Flowers have always inspired poems, fragrances, paintings and photos. To list all artists seduced by flowers is to trace the history of art itself, or rather, the history of all arts. From Classical sculptors to the stars of contemporary art, from Van Gogh’s sunflowers to Monet’s water lilies, from the poems of Ronsard to Japanese engravings and the delicate bouquet of rosa “Ispahan”, flowers of all kinds have aroused fascination throughout human history. They can be found in gardens, museums and libraries. They symbolise a love that is endlessly renewed.

With LEELA BLOSSOM, CENTURY pays a vibrant tribute to the most beautiful treasures of the plant kingdom. A constant presence in the history of the Manufacture, here the flower is celebrated in a sophisticated and innovative form, combining the best of CENTURY’s expertise with the infinitely romantic stories associated with this gem of nature.

The white mother-of-pearl dial, the tender heart of the flower, is encircled by diamonds: 12 to mark the hours, creating a dazzling display of reflected light on their brilliant-cut facets. Around them are the 12 radiating petals of LEELA BLOSSOM: the inner corolla is crafted in 18-carat white gold set with 84 diamonds. The outer corolla showcases the CENTURY sapphire, with 48 facets hand cut and polished by the Manufacture’s master craftsmen. Romantic and delightfully feminine, its ruby red colour complements the tone of the alligator strap, while blazing with the sparkle of 168 brilliant-cut diamonds.

A luxury watch with a fine jewellery aura, LEELA BLOSSOM promises reinvented time, eternal love and fiery passion which, forged in the finest materials, will never fade. It is an optimistically romantic philosophy that CENTURY offers up to be experienced in the present moment and forever more.